Review – A traffic exchange with a twist! [Guide]

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If you have been using traffic exchanges to promote your website and earning cash or bitcoins along the way while viewing websites advertised by publishers. There are numerous such traffic exchanges, some pays you cash for viewing x number of sites while for some, you earn credits so that you can then use the credits to advertise your own website. To make it interesting, some sites has occasional promotions such as earn special key/alphabets to win a certain prize – usually the prizes may be extra credits, banner impressions or cash. If you are looking for a legit site where you can surf a few sites a day and earn some satoshis while doing that for a few minutes per day, then would be a site that you would be interested in. This site is one of my favourite sites to use to earn some satoshis. Read on for my honest review!

So, what is

This is a simplified traffic exchange where you don’t need to actually sign up with an email address. The main site page itself looks very simplified with just a field and “Start Earning” button. You will not be able to advertise your own site on this traffic exchange but instead will need to pay to advertise on this site. Withdrawals goes to Faucethub which I find is very convenient and fast! -

How do I join then?

First of all, go to the site and you will need to ensure that you have a bitcoin wallet address which is linked to as the payout would be made directly to No registration using email address is required, and instead, you just need to paste your bitcoin wallet address (which is linked to into the field “Enter Bitcoin Address” and press “Start Earning” and Voila, you’re in! You can now start to earn from this site. There are several steps that you need to follow which I am covering below. Read on..!

What do I need to do to earn?

Once you log in, your dashboard will be shown on the screen. This dashboard shows your Referral Link (you can also promote this link to get referrals as you will earn 30% from your referral surfing earnings and 10% from your referral advertisement spendings. - login

As you can see from the dashboard, you have 2 ways of earning satoshis through this site – Surf Ads or Active Window Ads. Both options are almost similar. For Surf Ads, you view the  site that is displayed for a set time then click on a button to earn the satoshis. Once you click on Surf Ads, a new page will be show whereby you need to select 2 options of verification – SolveMedia or ReCaptcha. I usually select Solve Media (as shown below) - - validate
For active window, you click on the link/button and another window/tab opens up. Leave the window/tab open until the main window timer is over, a button “verify” will be available for you to click on. Once you click on the “verify” button, you then earn the satoshi. - active window

How much time do I need to spend on this site?

The good thing or bad thing, depends on how you see it is, you won’t spend a lot of time on this site. Usually it takes me about 5-10 minutes, depending on how many sites are there in circulation at a specific timing. The thing with is that there isn’t many sites that are shown on daily basis or maybe it was just the timing I choose? I usually start with Window Surf, followed by Active Window Surf.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

As mentioned before, at the beginning you would have inputted your bitcoin wallet address and at the dashboard page, you will be able to see how much you have earned. There is a red bar just below your account balance, once the red bar fills up, you will be able to withdraw through the Request Withdraw - withdrawal

How do I know if this site is a SCAM or not?

Well, I have been working on this site for quite some time, almost 6 months (not regularly though) and I have already withdrawn twice (4145 satoshis) from this site. Nonetheless, so far, there hasn’t been any members screaming that this is a scam site yet. In fact, based on, this site is rated as number 20th under cryptocurrency faucet with a 4.7 rating and a lot of comments from users are that the site is still paying. Safe to say, since you are not required to invest anything (in fact, I have not found a link anywhere on this site that asked you to send money to them), all you’re losing if this site suddenly becomes a SCAM is your time. - payout

What do I like about this site?

This site has a simplified look, you don’t see too many different buttons or links which makes the site looks cluttered. Instead, the site has only a few button and these buttons basically is self explanatory. Site background is white, kind of providing an almost soothing feel to it and of course, it is paying at the moment and I don’t need to spend a lot of time on it!

One final bit – How do I advertise on this site?

As I mentioned, this site is for you to view the sites advertised, and if you want to advertise your own website here, you do have an option to do so. There is a link “Promote Your Website” or you can click on “Advertising” link on the main page. Once you click that, you will be brought to the page below where you can then select the type of ads that you want to use to show your site – either Active Windows Surf or Regular Surf Ads. Once you have selected that, you can then input the necessary details for your site ie. Ad title, URL, Geo-tagging, Ad-clicks and duration. It will then auto-calculate and shows you the amount that you will need to pay. Once all that is done, just select the payment method and you’re done! - advertising

Don’t think this site is for you?

If you do not think that this site is for you or the earning is too slow for your liking, there are other options/sites which allows you to earn a living working from home or for building your own online business. If you want to work part-time or full time with your own online business, check out my review on #1 Recommendation! In this review, you will learn about the best work from home opportunity that is totally out of this world!

Until then, - Alston C.

Alston C. Review Free
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Withdrawal
  • Availability of Site

Summary is a fun traffic exchange which is easy to earn from. You can earn between 10 and 30 satoshi per site viewed.


  • minimum cashout is 0.02 mBTC
  •  can refer unlimited members
  •  paid straight into
  •  30% referral commission

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