– Earning online through playing/building your lab?

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In the last couple of months, there seems to be an influx of rising new websites that promises you cryptocurrencies or even cash through playing games, placing bets, building imaginary labs or farms. Each of these sites seems to be legit (especially those that does not keep “pressuring” you into putting in your own funds. Most website or faucet owners try as much as possible to make their site as entertaining, simple and highly sought after for anyone who’s looking to earn some money or bitcoins/satoshis online. is just one of those sites that I have joined recently, which so far, has seem to be very promising. If you are interested to understand how this site can help, read further below for my review.

What is is a site where you can play games – build a lab through ‘purchasing’ items or equipments to boost your lab. Similar to other bitcoin/faucet sites, you can also claim coins or in this case known as lab flasks, which in turn, you can use to upgrade you lab. The design/layout of the site is simple enough and makes it easier for your to navigate through the different features. It also has a chatroom/chat function where you can chat with any of the website members and even the site owner, if they are online at that time.

Is there any difference between and other cryptocurrency sites?

This site has gone through some changes in the last month with new additions to the site functionality. Some of the features include:

  • Your lab – This is the main page you will see once you log in. From this page, you can select to ‘purchase’ or upgrade your lab items. The cost of the upgrade and how much power the item will contribute to you lab.
  • - main
  • Game – This is a roulette game (similar to roulette games in casinos) where you get on the different options ie. colour black or red or green and the numbers (odd and even numbers). You can put in how much you want to bet and you can bet twice before the roulette starts rolling. Each winning bet will earn you double of what you have put in. I have tried this a few times, but don’t think it is worth wasting my credits this way! - game
    • Faucet – This is where you can claim the lab flasks to be used to upgrade your lab. The faucet is simple enough and you can make a claim every 5 mins. So, basically, if you are free and is logged in full day to claim from the faucet, you can easily increase your earnings very fast.
    • - faucetOfferwalls – This is where you can complete offers/tasks which earns you credits. These credits can also be exchanged to lab flasks (in case you need it to upgrade faster). Otherwise, the credit is used to maintain the % efficiency of your lab. I mostly earn my credits through Shortlinks – each link you visit earns you 21 credits, so it adds up pretty fast. You can also use your credits to exchange into Lab flasks and vice versa.
    • - offerwall
      • Chat function – This is where you can chat with other members online, a word of caution though, only English is permitted in the chatroom. Sometimes, the site owner/admin is also available and you can ask about anything.


The remaining are mainly FAQs, Withdraw button, Referrals and your account details (you can explore all this on your own)

Ok.. this is simple, but how do I earn?

Well, it is very simple – 2 ways, through claiming from the faucet or through main reward and the reward pool.

How is the reward calculated?

The Main Reward is where you will get reward according to your current Energy. Example: You own lvl 1 Bunker which have 10 Production (With current rate of 0.14 Satoshis for every 10 production with 100 energy) , And you have 90 Energy right now.So the formula will be ((YourProduction/10)*0.14)*(YourCurrentEnergy/100) or ((10/10)*0.14)*(90/100) Giving us 0.126 Satoshis as reward. You must keep your energy at 100 to maximize your hourly reward.

Reward pool accomulate Lab Flasks from every user action, and each hour you get an % according to your Production Power from the pool. Example : Current pool = 10000 Lab Flasks, Total Production Power = 500 , Your Production power = 100 , so with this example we see that you own of that production power, so you would receive 2000 Lab Flasks.

Below are some of my stats, as you can see.. still a long way to go.. - pool - active - prod - reward pool

So who should join this then?

Well, if you are reading my reviews, I would say You! Basically, this is open to anyone and everyone who is interested to fill their time playing some games (bets maybe?), complete some tasks/offers, chat with like-minded people around the world and earning money at the same time. There’s no harm earning some cash online since you’re anyway just browsing through the net, possibly just wasting your time watching Youtube. haha..

Is this a scam site?

At the moment, it does not appear to be a scam site. In fact, on Netbusinessrating, it is featured at 15th place with 4.8 start under Cryptocurrency Faucet. So far, after almost 6 months, the site is still up and running. The site admin is available through the chat function and there are regular updates provided (through the chatroom)

How do I get paid?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Lab Flasks and all payments are sent to FaucetHub wallet addresses for now. The payments are processed within 12 to 72 hours but usually much faster. There are also times where payment may be delayed if the site owners run low on funds while waiting for payments from offerwalls or advertisers. So far, I have yet to cash out since my strategy was to use all the Lab Flasks to upgrade my lab to earn even more rewards. I guess different people have different strategies.

Enough said, how do I join?

Simply go to and sign - home

Final thoughts…

Personally, I feel this site has great potentials to increase your daily earnings/passive income or accumulation of bitcoins and to top it off, it does not require much effort or any investment at all. The only investment is your time and dedication towards the site. If you do CPU mining, then of course your electricity as well. Otherwise, this is a slow earning site and you would need to do this together with several other sites to greatly see a positive outcome. If you want to try out other sites – check out my other reviews on and which is of similar nature.

If you feel all this are just a waste of time, and you want to work part-time or full time working on your own online business from the comfort of your home, check out my review on the #1 Recommendation!

Till then, - Alston C.

Alston C. Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Availability of Site

Summary is quite an easy site to use, you can claim from the faucet every 5 minutes which is very convenient and easy to earn. Earn credits through the offerwalls and use these to keep your lab at 100% efficiency to continue to earn from the hourly reward.

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