Faucetcrypto.com – Earn Crypto site or Scam? (Review)

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With all the sites where you can earn more and more crypto, one of the sites that I have been using stands out the most. What is this site, that lets you earn through PTC ads, shortlinks, surveys and lets you withdraw in more than 12 cryptocurrencies? Faucetcrypto.com definitely! I’ve been using this site for more than a year and has constantly withdrawn from the site to Faucetpay – a micro-wallet that lets you store coins you earn from different sites, almost similar to FaucetHub.io (FaucetHub.io has since shut down for more than a year now). In this review, I will share with you more on Faucetcrypto and why I feel it is one of the most promosing site!

What is Faucetcrypto.com?

Faucetcrypto is a simple site where you complete simple tasks as well as having a faucet which you can claim coins. This sites lets you earn coins based on a set % conversion to more than 12 different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron etc. In addition, to make it more enjoyable and fun, this sites includes an Item system whereby you can earn special “power up” to help you to earn faster or make the tasks less repetitive. In addition, for each tasks that you complete, besides earning coins, you earn experience as well that will help you to level up on the site. Higher levels/achievements will earn you additional rewards in addition to more coins)

How do you sign up?

Well , to sign up, all you need to do is go to Faucetcrypto.com, click on Sign up on the top right corner. Once you click on Sign up,  you will be brought to the Registration page. Fill up your name, email address and the password that you would like to use. Click on the check box to agree on the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, complete the Captcha code before clicking on Register or you can choose to sign up with your Google account. You’re then good to go! Do check your emails for confirmation/verification email that you may need to complete.

So, what are the main features on this site?

This site provides almost similar features to all other cryptocurrency earning sites.

  • Faucet Claim : Once you log into the dashboard, you will see the Faucet claim in the middle of the screen (You might need to scroll down abit). The faucet claim is currently set to 25mins however, it may be subject to change depending on how the market perform (based on my observation). Previously when the market was very good, the faucet claim was set at 30min. 🙂 The amount of coin you can claim is based on your Level. Once you click on Claim, it will bring you to the screen below. Make sure to check if you need to complete any validation such as the one below. Once you have clicked the wordings as requested, you can click on “Get Reward”. The faucet amount will be credited into your Faucetcrypto account. Faucet Claim
  • PTC Ads : These are ads that you click to view and earn reward once the time is up. On daily basis, there are approximately 15-20 ads (depending on days and may be lesser). The amount of coin and timer duration will be shown as well. However, do note, the amount of coin increases when you level increases. Higher level earns you more coins

PTC ads

  • Surveys : All you need to do is answer/complete the surveys to earn the coins. Of course, similar to all surveys in other sites, the availability is dependant on your location / profile. I normally don’t complete surveys and just focus on faucet claim and PTC ads
  • Offerwalls : You can click on the different offers by different companies and complete these offers to earn more coins


  • Shortlinks : These are again links by the respective sites that you can click and view their ads in order to earn coins and experience.
  • Shortlink
  • Challenges : This is probably another feature that I’m excited about. This is where you can complete challenges to earn items, coins or experience. It is separated into Permanent challenges, Rotational Challenges and Special Challenges. For example, for permanent challenges, it is for when you level up your profile. Each time the level that you’re are, meets the challenge, you earn bonus coins. However, it is a one off award. For rotational, the challenges changes every week, while Special challenge is a daily challenge. Don’t forget to check out the challenges daily.
  • Challenges
  • Items : Items section is separated into Market and Inventory. This is a very interesting feature as all the items that you win while completing the task is stored in your inventory. Any items that you don’t want, you can actually put it on sale in the Market. So, you can earn additional coin this way as well. Similarly, you can purchase items that you want from the market. Market
  • Community : This section is divided into 4 – News feed, Leaderboard, Help Guide and Support Center. You can get information on this site ie. any changes, downtime, plans as well as if you need any kind of help.
  • Advertiser : This section is for those who would like to advertise on Faucetcrypto.
  • Profile : This section is divided into 4 – Referral, Withdraw, History and Setting. Here, you can view the number of referrals that you have, withdraw your coins (in your chosen cryptocurrencies to either FaucetPay or direct to your waller)

Why should you join?

Well, if the features above does not entice you, then perhaps the confirmation that this is a legit site does? I’ve spent about 1 year on this site and can definitely confirm that this is a legit site. It may not be the best earning site, but still better than most other sites that I have joined. I have withdrawn multiple times as below with total withdrawn so far 16,925 Coins to date and each time, I received it in my Faucetpay (microwallet) account or direct wallet (usually in exchanges).

Withdrawal history

So, how do I withdraw?

Well, very simple. Click on Withdraw on your left side menu, under profile. Select the cryptocurrency that you want to withdraw in. There are 19 different cryptocurrency coin that you can choose from. Make sure you meet the minimum withdrawal amount – I believe currently it is set at 1,000 coins.


Once you have selected the coin that you want to withdraw in, a new screen will pop up. In this screen, make sure you select the correct method – either Faucetpay.io or direct wallet. Some coins allows you to only withdraw to Faucetpay, while others, only directly to your wallet. If you selected Faucetpay.io, make sure you put in your Faucetpay.io email address under “Email”. Once you click “Withdraw”, you funds should appear in your Faucetpay account instantly. However, if you selected direct wallet, then you may need to wait for some time while it is being processed.


Overall, I would highly recommend this site for anyone who is looking for a fuss free crypto earning site where you can withdraw in 19 different coins. I usually select the coins based on the market condition, 🙂 the lower the market price, it means the more crypto you earn in return. Just need to wait for the price rise later on before selling it for hard cold cash!

Interface wise, it is also uite user friendly, simple to navigate and a lot of earning methods. Give it a try yourself!

If you are not interested in earning crypto slowly or are looking for a more sustainable earning method, check out my other reviews and of course my NO. 1 RECOMMENDATION to start building your own business online now!

Give me your thoughts below!


Alston C.

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