Bitcoin Bum : Build your bitcoin empire or SCAM [Review – Alert]

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Hi there! If you have been reading through my site on the various reviews that I have, you will notice that most of these work from home opportunities are legit, tried and tested by myself. There has been a lot of bitcoin farm sites and the latest in the market is definitely a twist. I know it’s summer and all but you might want to stop your beach bum tanning and instead get in with the latest craze – building your own bitcoin empire through Bitcoin-Bum. Does it really work, you might ask. Read on and discover for yourself!

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What is Bitcoin Bum?

Bitcoin bum is a work at home opportunity for those who are looking to earn Bitcoin from the comfort of their home. On the main page, it is marketed as a unique cryptoeconomic game with the possibility of earning without invesment. However, in the FAQ of the site, it is also known as a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) project. This site has been live for about 15 days now and has amassed a total of 13,056 users with 0.08445408 BTC paid till date. According to Wikipedia :

high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. 

How do you earn from it?

There are a multiple methods that you can earn from through the “Job” section. Under the job section, there are 5 types of job that is available to you as a new user :

  • Reporter – Make a video about the project in a positive way and get a bonus. Profit 0.00020000-0.00100000 BTC
  • Promoter – Subscribe to our official project page in and repost your page. Profit: 0.00002000 BTC
  • Search for errors – Find a bug, mistake or typo in the game and get a bonus. Profit: 0.00002000-0.00100000 BTC
  • Post on forum – Leave a review about the game or a comment about the payment on any of the proposed investment forums. The amount of the payment must be at least 0.00005000 BTC. ( Profit: 0.00005000 BTC
  • Beg for money – Start begging to earn your first bitcoins. Profit: 0.00000040 BTC/day.

You will need to remember to collect your earning at least once a day. For other higher paying jobs, you will need to rent a house, tent and so on.

Besides a job, you can also create your own business in this game. However, in order to conduct business, you will need to gain the confidence in the mayor, as well as raise your credibility in the criminal environment. Business is conducted by the most successful residents.

What other features are there?

The project recently introduced a “Bank” where you can actually create a deposit, exchange of funds, or even take a loan. You can use the Exchanger to exchange funds for Withdrawing to funds in a purchase account but :

Exchange of Funds :

You can only exchange funds for withdrawal of funds for purchases in the game, and not vice versa. Your exchange gain is 10%


If you do not have enough funds to open the necessary work? Feel free to take a loan, but do not delay with the return, so as not to get bogged down in debt.

Create a deposit :

Do not want to collect funds from the work every day and constantly pay for rental housing? Open a deposit in the Bank at a favorable rate and receive a % in the account for withdrawal or purchase

There is also an “Administration”, “Jail” and “Crime” which at my current level as a new user, is not really open/accessible by my account.

There is also a mini game section where you can try your luck in the “heads and tail” game. There are 3 other games, however, at this point of time it has not been activated yet.

Are there any referral program?

Yes, almost similar to other sites where it is always encouraged to refer new users to the site. There are 3levels and earnings from the affiliate program are transferred to the account for Withdrawal. You get paid 7% for 1st level referral, 3% for 2nd level and 1% for 3rd level. Seems quite generous


Do I need to invest?

It is not necessary to invest in order to earn but if you feel that the pace is too slow for your liking, you can do so through using real money. You would need to click on “Replenish” and buy bitcoins in the game with the help of a suitable payment system. After crediting, the amount of the replenished funds will be displayed in the “On Purchase”. The term of crediting to the account can reach up to 24 hours, depending on the chosen payment system.

How do I withdraw from the site?

To withdraw the money you earned in the game, click the Output button and choose the appropriate withdrawal method for you, or return the money to the account for purchases with a bonus of 10% in the Exchanger under “Bank”.

There are 4 methods of withdrawal – Payeer, Visa, Bitcoin and Perfect Money.


Having tested this site for a few days, my view is that although this site seems quite interesting and different from other Bitcoin gaming site, there are some signs of potential scam as it seems more like a ponzi scheme. There are no advertisements on the site (most Legit sites has tonnes of advertisements on the site as a source of income), so it makes me wonder how the owners are getting the money to pay the users. In addition, although there is a chat function and multiple links to their social media account – a check on the social media account shows that there are basically not many posts – their Facebook account shows up empty, Instagram account has not posts and Twitter has only 2 tweets. These are just some signs of a potential scam site. It makes me wonder if any investments into this site would actually gets you a return on investment (ROI). In my humble opinion, I would be cautious if I were you, in using this site.

If you want to waste your time and money, then by all means join the site but I am very sure you have better things to do and better sites to check out which are totally Legit – Cryptomininggame.comSatohilabs.netCointiply.comFebbit.comSFI just to name a few. Better still, to truly start your own online business and make a steady residual income –

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I know as it has transformed my life! You don’t need to have any experience in this or even need to go out and meet people to gain some sales. Training and step by step guidance is provided through the site and the amazing community that is always available 24/7 will definitely blow your mind.


Let me coach you towards achieving your financial freedom and living the life that you truly deserve!

Till then,

Alston C.

Alston C.

Bitcoin Bum : Build your bitcoin empire or SCAM
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