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While in the pursuit of financial freedom, one should always be careful of sites that requires you to part with your money especially if the site does not provide any value for your money. A lot of this so call bitcoin earning sites turns out to be a scam especially if it requires you to deposit funds before you can actually withdraw your earnings. Not to mention, a site is especially shady if there are no way for the admins to earn besides asking you to deposit funds. Sites like this usually turns out to be a ponzi/pyramind scheme ie. the money you deposited is used to pay someone above you, worse case scenario – no one gets paid and the funds are all taken by the owner. I came across this site called, which right from the start looks awfully suspicious to me. It promises the sun and moon, with so call white paper explaining how the site works etc but eventually, when you want to withdraw, you’re required to have sufficient “harvest” – whatever that means. Read below to understand better what this site is about.

What is

On the website, claims to be the world’s first mining simulator that allows you to withdraw cryptocurrency.

“The world’s first mining simulator with the withdrawal of cryptocurrency. Crypto Farmer is an economic online game using Blockchain technology. It will passionate those interested in earning money, wages and finance. CryptoFarmer allows each player to build a farm of his/her own online and earn cryptocurrency that can be easily withdrawn at any time.” – taken from

Besides that, to make matter worse, this site provided many false promises to entice an unsuspecting victim to join the site. If you click under the “About us”, this is what you see :

“We want you to like our project, and do our best to succeed in this. The game was created to ensure that all active players could have a nice income using it. The game’s reserve fund is well-balanced and has a flexible and transparent business model. Crypto Farmer is not HYIP and is protected from Scam through well-thought business logic. We are constantly developing our product to make it perfect.”

How do you make money from the site?

Similar to all other sites, there are few ways that you can earn from the site.

  1. Play and Invest – Build your virtual farms and take part in contest
  2. Play with friends – Get referrals and earn a % from your referrals
  3.  Browser mining – You can turn on the browser mining option (tried that, don’t think it works)
  4. Surfing sites – You can earn by browsing advertisers’ sites. The revenue from views apparently is credited to your balance for withdrawal

In addition, the site promises 5,000 coins as a gift when you sign up which you can use to building your virtual mining farm. So, using the coins, you start by purchasing the power plant, mining rack, graphic cards and processor to start mining the block. Each graphic card will comes with different speed – this determines the hashrate and how many blocks you mine in an hour. There is a progress bar that lets you know how many % left before it will stop mining. You then log in every few hours to clear the bar so that it continues to mine. Using the coins you earn from the virtual farm, you can purchase even more graphic cards etc that increases your hashrate, so on and so forth.

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How do you know this is a SCAM site?

For starters, sites that make a lot of promises ie. claiming how much you can earn, how easy it is to play and then tells you that you need to invest is definitely a scam site. Not to mention, when it is too easy to earn and there is no other earning opportunity on the site for the owner (there were no outside advertisements – most sites that are free, usually have some form of advertisements as they leverage on that as an income in order to pay the users). If you google this site, you will come across a lot of bad comments or reviews about this site. In, this site is even labelled as ILLEGAL as it is a ponzi scheme with 1.2/5 rating and all comments on about this site not paying you eventhough you invested (clearly againsts what the site claim – invest to meet the harvest point in order to withdraw).

How do you withdraw from this site?

I have no idea as this site does not allow you to withdraw no matter how much you have earn or even invested. No point trying to figure a way out of this.


SCAM, SCAM, SCAM site… if you still did not get the point from the start. Do note bother checking out this site and wasting your time on this. You will definitely regret. I’m surprise the site is still up at the moment – probably to continue to scam more people!


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Till then,

Alston C.

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This site is a waste of time and a scam site build on ponzi scheme. Not worth your time, avoid at all cost!

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