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Whenever you feel stress out at work, what do you normally do? Read a book, take a walk, listen to music or maybe play some games on your mobile phone. How about play a game and earn online at the same time? Wouldn’t that be great especially when you’re earning bitcoins/satoshis instead or just wasting your time with other games? There has been various websites that lets you earn cryptocurrencies without spending a dime, most of the sites are faucets, while some uses the games concept. is one of these sites that lets you play games, in turn you earn power which is converted into hashrates. I’m sharing with you my personal experience using this site for almost a month now, although not regularly since I am concentrating on my other earning sites as well.

What is

workanyplaceanytime - Rollercoin

Rollercoin is an online Bitcoin mining simulator game whereby the core idea of the game is a distribution of the block reward between players depending on their mining power – the concept is similar to real Bitcoin mining. Except, you don’t actually use your PC to mine the Bitcoin. Cool idea right? Since this is simulate as a game, once you sign up, you get to customise your avatar and proceed to start.

How do you sign up?

Go to and click the top right corner button. A list of menu will appear and click on sign up.

So, what do you need to know before you start?

As the main page (once you’ve sign in and customise your avatar, it basically shows you your avatar sitting in front of the PC. It gets abit confusing at first, at least for me as I couldn’t figure out how to actually play this. After clicking through the several pages, buttons, I figured out that I would need to play the games, in order to get the hashrate – with the hashrate, I get rewarded with Bitcoins when a block has been mined. In order to earn more money, you continue to increase your mining power and buy miners at the in-game shop to continue to earn stable income. Yeah, I know, I could have just read the FAQ or How It Works page on the site.

How much can you earn from this site?

Well, I would say it will be unlimited as long as you continue to play games and earn the hashrate. However, you need to remember that for each game that you play, the level and difficulty increases. So, it gets quite tricky after that to win the game. Also, each power from the game only lasted 3 days and after 3 days, it disappears. The trick here to continue to earn is to ensure that you log in and play the games daily. After, it helps you to release stress and earn at the same time which is pretty neat! Just a note, based on the FAQ on how much can you earn – “There is a stable block reward, which could be changed each 1000 blocks, depending on the power, activity and number of miners. The more power and effort you give – the more BTC you get”.

6 Games you can play

As mentioned earlier, you have to play the games in order to earn the power and hashrates. This site is pretty new at the moment, so, there are only 6 games, which no doubt i believe will continue to grow.

  • Coinclick
  • Token Blaster
  • Flappy Rocket
  • Cryptonoid
  • Coin-Match
  • Crypto Hamster

Besides this, how can you earn even more?

Rollercoin also allows people to get paid by referring users to help the site earn more from ads as it grows in popularity. According to the site, you can receive 25% from referrals’ profit and 15% from in-game purchases. I’m not sure about that since I did not actively promote this site, hence, do not have any referrals to check if this is true.

How can you withdraw your satoshi?

Once you have accummulated the required 10000 satoshi, you can proceed to the in-game wallet page where you will need to provide your bitcoin wallet address and send in a withdrawal request. The admin will then process your withdrawal request accordingly.


As this is a game, there is definitely a leaderboard on the site where you can view the stats of all the other miners/players. You can even search yourself to find out what is your ranking compared to others. If you do not want to view the leaderboard, on the top right corner, your ranking is also displayed for easier reference (especially for those of you who are very competitive). It also tells you if you are moving up on the leaderboard or have slipped down. Unfortunately, mine always seems to be going down unless I diligently play everyday.

Is this site Legit or Scam?

This site is currently ranked #44 with 3.1 stars in netbusinessrating and the status was recently changed to Doubtful as there has been comments that this site may be a ponzi scheme since you get paid eventhough you don’t invest anything in the site. So, my advice is, join and play the games whenever you’re bored, but try not to invest any money into it. This site is supposedly earning from advertisements that are placed on the site – especially on those pages where the game is.


Rollercoin prove to be a reasonable site, but take note that this site will not make you tons of money anytime soon. It is more of a game site (at least to me) just to release some work stress and earn some money at the same time. Some form of work/effort needs to be put in since the hashrate only last 3 days max. Once your hashrate drops to 0, you no longer earn anything. Nevertheless, I think it is still a worthy site to check out.

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Or, if you are keen on making consistent residual income through your own online business, you should definitely check out my #1 recommendation. This site is an active community, full of members who are interested in helping you grow your income. Did I mention this site also gives you 2 free website to build on? Not to mention the numerous training videos and lessons created by the founders and other members, 24/7 support and one on one coaching from the founders as well!

Till then,

Alston C.

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Rollercoin is an online Bitcoin mining simulator game whereby the core idea of the game is a distribution of the block reward between players depending on their mining power – the concept is similar to real Bitcoin mining. Except, you don’t actually use your PC to mine the Bitcoin. You won’t get rich quick through this site as this is a slow earning site, but a fun place to go to when you’re bored. You can play games and earn at the same time as well as compete with others online.

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