Swagbucks Review : Is It Legit Site? (Earn Rewards)

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There are many free survey sites out there that you can join and earn some quick cash by working from home, each offering different features or rewards to attract members. Some of these sites are legit, while some are scam sites that do not pay or even expect you to pay a joining fee in order to earn from their site. In the last few years, I have tried various survey sites such as TapResearch, Revenue Wall and Poll Fish. After trying the various survey sites, Swagbucks is still one of the top survey opportunities available online which actually reward you for completing tasks that you usually do anyways, not to mention there are many ways that you can earn points that can be exchanged for cash and prizes. Interested to learn more? Read on…

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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks.com is a subsidiary brand of Prodege, LLC, a leading internet and media company that operates multiple customer engagement brands and Swagbucks is headquartered in El Segundo, California. This site a the most popular rewards program that rewards you with free gift card and cash for everyday things that you are already doing online.

How Does it Work?

You earn points when you complete surveys, watch videos, perform search on the web, play games or even when you shop at your favourite retailers online. Points that you earn can be redeemed for gift cards to your favourite retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target etc. You earn Swagbucks (SB) points for every dollar you spend plus you get access to exclusive deals and coupons to your favorite retailers or you can opt to get cash backs through PayPal. They even have a mobile app where you can earn free gift cards when you Shop, answer surveys and watch videos on the go! How convenient is that?

How Do You Earn SB Points?

There are many features or streams that you can choose from to earn the SB points.

  • Surveys
    • Surveys usually ranges from a few minutes to about 20 minutes. As with other survey sites, if you do not fit the type of person they are looking for after a few questions, you will be disqualified and offered 1 SB for your effort.
  • Online Shopping
    • Swagbucks has partnered with some major brands to reward you for your usual online shopping. You can earn up to 4 SB points per dollar you spend if you shop via the links on the website, however, normally it is a bit lesser. Nevertheless, it is still a great way to get cash back for my purchases. As a bonus, they also give out special offers and discounts on their partner products and services as well as the SB points that you get for each dollar spent – thats double the reward!
  • Search Engine
    • As mentioned, there is a search engine powered by Yahoo! Although Yahoo! is not my preferred or default search engine, it does not matter since I can earn SB with occasional bonuses at random intervals. I don’t earn anything when I use my preferred search engine, so its a no brainer for me to switch!
  • Coupons
    • There are exclusive coupons for local shops which helps to save on purchases and at the same time, you can earn up to 10SB for each coupon you use
  • Swagbutton
    • Swagbutton is a browser extension for major internet browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Have not tried with other browsers though, since I mainly use Chrome only. I find that that it is easy to download and enable the extension. It helps to provide alerts when websites that you visit could earn you SB. You also earn 1 SB per day with the extension installed
  • Watching videos
    • If you like watching videos on youtube, why not watch the videos on Swagbucks? There are a wide selection of topics available, so you can choose ones that you are interested in. You can even leave the videos going in another browser while you are doing something else. Unfortunately, the number of SB you can earn is capped, so there is only a certain limit per day that you will be rewarded
  • Referral program
    • As is with all programmes or affiliate site, Swagbucks also has their own referral program and is one of the best compared to other survey sites. For each referral, you will earn 10% of all the SB they earn, as long as both of you are on Swagbucks. Imagine how much you can earn if you have a lot of referrals!

How Much Can You Earn?

This is definitely dependant on you. Although there are limits on how many SB points you can earn per day on certain areas, if you fully utilise the each area, you can earn as much or as little based on the effort and time you put in. However, you need to also keep in mind that Swagbucks alone will not replace your fixed income. I wouldn’t recommend that you rely solely on one site – diversify your effort on multiple sites or the best is check out my #1 recommendation (it’s at the top of this my site) and learn about the site that has helped me to build my own online business while earning comfortably from the comfort of my home!

So, Is This A Scam Site?

Based on my experience, Swagbucks is definitely a Legit site. If you check on Better Business Bureau rating – Protege LLC has been registered since 2005 and have earned the highest BBB rating of A+ for their excellent business practices. Swahbucks claimed to be the world’s most popular rewards program, and have paid out $348,452,754 to their members and $7,000 gift cards given out daily. This site has also been featured in Cosmopolitan article on The Best Work From Home Jobs under Survey Taker.

How to Sign up?

If you are resident of one of the countries that they offer membership in (for example, USA, Canada, Australia, UK and many others) then just go to their website. Fill in the information required, confirm your email address. Once you have your account, log in and start exploring the site! Don’t forget to also download the browser extension and set it as your default search engine – this is one of the most effortless earning potential!.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I feel this site has great potentials to increase your daily earnings/passive income and to top it off, it does not require much effort or any investment at all. The only investment is your time and dedication towards the site. If you want to try out other sites – check out my other reviews on BTCMines.club and Cointiply.com where you can earn bitcoins instead.

If you feel all this are just a waste of time, and you want to work part-time or full time working on your own online business from the comfort of your home, check out my review on the #1 Recommendation!

Till then,

Alston C.

Alston C.

Swagbucks.com Review
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