BTCTown :Get free bitcoins through farming? Is it a scam? [Review]

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Bitcoin prices has been quite volatile in the recent months which triggered an influx of investors such as myself searching for more ways and opportunity to earn some bitcoins myself!. There are many ways to get free bitcoins now through faucets, mining game, btc farm similar to bitco farm, crypto mining game and many more. You can read more on my other reviews on Cointiply, Cryptomininggame and Satoshilabs. I recently came across this site with the same concepts as other bitcoin farms. Although I’ve only joined this site for barely a month, I am here to share my thoughts in this review.

What is BTCTown?

BTCtown is a site which lets you build a farm and earn bitcoin at the same time. There are three different fields which include Farm, Barn and Hencoop where you can work on to increase your earning in bitcoins. You can buy products, plant vegetables, collect eggs, collect milk and expect ROI between 10% – 25%. Registration is free and you sign up, you get 2 plants for free for 3 days which helps get a head start in building your farm. - BTCTown

How can you earn bitcoins?

You can earn bitcoins through buying products at store pages, plant vegetables, collect eggs and collect milk bottles from your cows and sheeps and make a pure profit of up to & in a month! Besides that, you can also earn through referral earnings whereby for each referral, you can get up to 0 bonus from their clicks and up to bonus from their earnings. There are also lotteries and advertisements on the site that you can view to earn some bitcoins.

This sounds nice, but how do you plant or earn from the barn and hencoop?

To start planting, you will need to click on “Farm” button where you will see your fields. To access the fields, you need to click “Open Store” button and select the vegetables that you want to plant. Each plant comes at different prices and will earn you satoshis at different rates. There are 4 types of plants – corn, tomato, watermelon and cottons and you can plant up to 13 corns, 12 tomatoes, 13 watermelons, 12 cottons and earn +0.25 BTC in a month. Once you have planted, you will be able to collect your earnings everyday for a month.

To earn from the cow, sheep and chicken, similarly, you need to click on the “Barn” or “Hencoop” and follow the same steps as the “Farm”

Can I earn even more?

Definitely! There is a View Ads section and if you’re feeling lucky, you can try out the Lotteries section as well.To View Ads, click on the “View Ads” button at the top of the screen. Once you click “View Ads”, you will be shown the page with a number of ads which you can click through. Each ad is worth around 6 satoshis and on top of that, you get 2 tickets for participation in the Lottery. Each Ad last for approximately 10 secs and once the timer is up, you need to click on the corresponding image to claim the satoshi.

Is there a limit to referrals that I can have?

There is no limit as to how many referrals that you can have. For each referral, you can earn up to 0 bonus and +4 Lottery tickets from your referrals’ clicks. You can also get up to %5 bonus from your referrals’ each product sales e.g: per egg sale, per corn sale, per tomato sale etc and you can get up to  bonus for your referrals’ membership upgrades. To top it off, you can get a chance to earn big prizes like up to 1 BTC at Referral contests with your referrals.

Do I need to upgrade my membership to earn?

No! You are not required to upgrade your membership to earn more from your products and farms, but if you don’t want to wait too much between your cashouts or if you want to earn more bonuses from your referrals’ earnings, then you can consider upgrading. Personally, I usually don’t upgrade or deposit funds into crypto sites as the point is to earn and not invest my own money. I know, most people will say you need to use money to earn more money – its just not me though..

How do I withdraw from the site?

To withdraw from the site, you will need to have your bitcoin wallet address. Withdrawal is done instantly for all membership types, however, you would need to need meet the withdrawal limit of 0.002 bitcoin before you can initiate a withdrawal.

Why is there 2 different type of balances?

On this site, there are 2 types of balances – Purchase balance and Account balance. “Purchase balance” is used to buy things on the site ie. upgrade your account, buy chicken, create and publish advertisement. You can not cashout your Purchase balance to your bitcoin wallet. When you collect and sell your products, bitcoins you earn is added to your “Account Balance” instead and this balance can withdrawn instantly to your bitcoin wallet when you reach to the minimum payment amount. You can also convert your account balance to purchase balance.


It is still too early to actually say if this will be a worthwhile site to earn from although the design and the graphics for the site is fantastic! Based on what I can see, there are regular withdrawals by members of the site and the forum on the site is very active with regular promotions, updates and discussions by members and the site admins. At the moment, it looks to be quite promosing but definitely a slow earning site especially if you don’t invest in the site.

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